Are we too dependent on computers?

Hello my dear teacher,

   In this new life. in attention to progressing the technology, lots of works are doing by computers easier and with high speed, so a few time waste for doing the works.

   Considering advantages that computers have, most people inclination to use them.

   Actually, i can say that, today, people are so dependent to computers and if they didn't exist, doing lot of works were so hard.

        GOOD LUCK

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Wher do you see your self, career wise, ten years from now?

Hello my dear teacher,

  I hope that the next 10 years:

  I graduated from IUST university and get my mastr's degree in field of IE or MBA and also get my english degree.

  According to my experiences, I would like to work in a place like an office.

  I hope that i become a good painter and do most the things that i like, for example:

  Traveling to different countries and become familiar to their cultures.

  I wont to do a lot of interesting works and be a successful person in my life.

        GOOD LUCK

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                                                                        In The Name Of GOD    

I have a memory from my grandmother,
She was 80 years old and she lives alone. Last year, she was so sick and i had to go to her house and take care of her.
Because of her illness, she was so impatient and fussy, it was so hard for me to take care of her. After a few days i get so tired and i thought with my self that why some of old people are that way?! I saw  that my grandmother was looking at me, after a few minutes she came and told me that "I was like you young and happy and meek in past and now my behavior has changed and don't forbid me my dear." 
After that, i thought so much and reached this conclusion that  appreciate my youth and health and never blame anyone for his/her behavior.


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Hello all my friends and my teacher
happy new year
I hope you are fine and have a good time
My name is Fatemeh Saleh
I was born in Saturday, February 16, 1991, and now i am a student in Iran Univercity Science and Technology in field industrial engineering.
I want to speak about myself:
I like painting , reading interesting book and novel, walking and watching movie and traveling.
One of my best hobby is listening to light musics.
my wishes are:
I hope i will to be a good painter and i graduated from this univercity very soon and continue my education in another country and after that i will come back to my country.
At least i want to say a good message to all of you:


you can be read az:


or as:


Every thing in life depends on how we look at , always think positive. i believe if we look positive to ife we will to be a succesfull.

Be Happy
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